Chairperson's Message :
"By education, I mean an all round drawing out of the best in the child & man- body, mind & spirit."
By Sh.M.K.Gandhi
Education is the fundamental force for the complete development of children. For the complete development of a child to help him become a complete human being. We should inculcate moral, cultural and spiritual values in our students along with cognitive development. These are possible if we are able to manifest the potentialities already in herent in child. Educational institutions are the laboratories where in all these efforts are inculcated .Teachers should play as a friend, philosopher and guide for shaping vision of academic and attitudinal success for all students. Teachers Training Institutions act as the living agency to make student – teachers to be more competent in the continuous process of teaching learning.
The motto of BATTI with all its teaching, non-teaching and members of Management is that : since the education is above caste, creed, colour ,religion nation and everything, let us take the pledge to make this college as a premier branded institution in the globe.
Md. Abder Ali Saha
Chairman, BATTI, (B.Ed. College)
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