From the desk of Sponsoring authority
“An ordinary teacher teaches
The mediocre teacher tells
The good Teacher explains
The superior teacher demonstrates
The great Teacher inspires”
Quoted by William Arthur Ward
B.Ed colleges are the teacher making industries where we the members of faculty are the labourers. Teachers are our products .A teacher gets pleasure & optimum satisfaction when their product becomes qualitative,attractive and alluring. So we dream, believe and actualize in academic excellence and achievement.
Indeed Banuali & Ajiran Teachers’ Training Institute (B.Ed. College) in Sagar Island is a unique B.Ed. institution since:
- Named after a Muslim couple
- Run by the Hindu Trust Viz. Joy Guru edl society
- It is an island segregated for mainland & surrounded By Bay of Bengal.
- Situated in Sundarban Tribal area.
-People belong to Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jain, and Buddhism etc.
- In spite of all this odds it is committed to produce great teachers who can really change the scenario of present teaching learning process. Our product should glitter , shine anywhere left ,lie, kept or thrown……………..Our vision, mission are to produce great teachers to serve the country through their dedication, sacrifice through teachers to the taughts to start a new era for making a changed INDIA
Principal Cum Member Secretary of the College
(Sponsoring Authority)
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